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Light Work

A Kodak No.2 Autographic Brownie camera, dating from 1919 lit by light trails

Apparently 250 is the optimum number of words for a readable blog entry. More than that and the reader will become bored and liable to go elsewhere for entertainment. Fewer, and it becomes impossible to impart meaningful information that actually makes sense. Ironically, in telling you this, I’ve just used up 53 words without even thinking about beginning to start introducing just what this blog is going to be about.

Well, I’m a landscape photographer living in Northumberland, which is the bit of England that joins onto Scotland. Most of my photography is created in the NE postcode area though I have been known to travel to more exotic locations such as Nuneaton in the Midlands. Oh yes, and also places like Zanzibar, Japan and Egypt too. So, and this may come as a shock, I’ll be writing about photography.

The title of the blog is Light Work and this has two meanings. The first refers to the fact that I need light for my work. Light…Work. See, it’s quite clever really. Secondly, I want this blog to be light in tone. That doesn’t mean that I’ll ignore weighty issues of the day, but it does mean that I will extract the maximum number of jokes possible using the words flash, exposure and polariser. Though thinking about it, that last word may be trickier. Hopefully you’ll come and visit every so often and haven’t been put off by the fact that there are 251 words in this first blog entry.