Workshop vouchers

I am now pleased to be able to offer workshop vouchers, which would make the ideal gift for someone you know who would like to broaden their photography skills.

Vouchers are available for either a full-day one-to-one session (£205), or for a half-day one-to-one session (£130), as well as for one-day small-group workshops (£75). There is no time limit on the use of a one-to-one workshop voucher. The one-to-one workshop will be arranged on a mutually-convenient date and location with the recipient. Small-group workshop vouchers should ideally be used during the year of purchase. (I can either arrange the booking for a particular workshop when the voucher is purchased, or the recipient can get in touch and book a place on a workshop when he/she receives the voucher.)

If you wish to make a purchase of a workshop as a gift, you will receive a printed workshop voucher. We will also send you a blank greetings card from our range, free of charge, so that you can include your own message with the voucher.

To find out more or to order a workshop voucher please do send me a message by clicking here.