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St. Cuthbert’s Way e-Book

Publication date: August 2007
Revision date: October 2011
File type: PDF
File size: 60MB
Number of pages: 40
Price: £1.99


In 1996 the St. Cuthbert’s Way was officially opened, and though the route is not associated with any particular journey that Cuthbert made, it does pass through places that would have been very familiar to the saint. The walk starts at the site of Cuthbert’s first ministry in Melrose and ends sixty-two miles later on the island of Lindisfarne, neatly tying up the two ends of St. Cuthbert’s Christian life. Along the way, the route passes through charming border towns and villages, past many interesting historical sites and across much spectacular landscape.

The sixty-seven photographs in this downloadable PDF are my personal interpretation of what can be seen along the route of the St. Cuthbert’s Way and the surrounding countryside. The creation of these images involved being out at all times of the day and in all types of weather, over three different seasons. A walker following the route over the recommended four days could not expect to see all that I have seen, but I hope at least some of my images will evoke a warm feeling of recognition in this ostensible wayfarer, and enable him or her to say, ‘yes, I remember that bit!’.

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