Yeavering Bell

November 8, 2015

Although Hadrian’s Wall is the best known of the Park’s historical treasures, there are other sites that hint at the shape of an older, pre-Roman society. In the northern half of the Park, on the summits of lonely Cheviot hills, are the remains of around fifty Iron Age hillforts.

Yeavering Bell is arguably the most impressive of the extant forts. A wall of stones still circles the summit of Yeavering, enclosing an area of 5.6 hectares. Although the wall is much diminished now, originally it would have stood some 2.5 metres in height. A person on watch in the fort would have had a commanding view of the surrounding countryside, south to the Cheviots and north to what is now the Scottish Borders.

In recognition of the historical significance of the Northumberland hillforts, a number of waymarked Hillfort Trails have recently been created, making it easier to visit these remarkably evocative structures.
For more information visit the Northumberland National Park website.