NiSi Filter System / Review

Shoot digitally and you’d be forgiven for thinking that there’s no need to use filtration. I mean you can fix everything in Photoshop, right?

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May - Lights!

No Photoshop required…

Telephoto lens + wet window + out-of-focus streetlights = colourful abstract photo. Who needs Adobe Photoshop when you can do this sort of thing in-camera?

Digital Camera

Instamatic for the People

Once there were only two certainties in life: death and taxes. Now it seems that there’s a third – there’ll be a new camera along in a minute. The recent pace of change in photography has been head-spinningly rapid and it doesn’t seem as though it will be slowing down any time soon.

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Camera bag

It’s really not my bag…

One sure way to get immediate respect from your photographic peers is to have a camera bag that, quite frankly, has seen better days. A shiny, new, pristine bag is one that hasn’t been used very often, and so begs the question, just what exactly have you been doing with your time Sunny Jim? Not out taking photos that’s for sure.

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ND Filter

Neutral Density Filters

To create an image you need a certain amount of light. If I were to tell that I regularly use a filter that reduces the amount of light that reaches a camera’s sensor would you think me a little odd? Well, there is such a filter and it’s called an ND or neutral density filter.

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Prime Lenses

The Joy of Primes

The easiest option when buying a new lens for a system camera is to pick a zoom (and in fact virtually all kit lenses supplied with new cameras are zooms). Practically speaking zoom lenses make a lot sense. A zoom lens lets you adjust the focal length to one degree or another.

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Looking at a Pyramid

Looking at a Pyramid

And now for something completely different, a man carrying a camera made out of plastic. I’ve used quite a few different cameras over the course of my photographic career. Some were very sophisticated indeed; coming with manuals that were so thick they could be used as offensive weapons. Others were simple, efficient machines that got the job done with the minimum of fuss and bother.

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Deficient to the tune of one

I was up in the Cheviot Hills the other day, climbing a particularly craggy and overgrown slope, when I realised to my dismay that one of my legs had fallen off.

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Useful Equipment

Thingimys and wotsits

On another post I wax lyrical about plastic cameras and the puzzlingly important place they have in my equipment checklist. Well now I’m going to get sentimental and teary-eyed about a variety of non-camera related gizmos that all contributed to making the above image possible.

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